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Information from HS Counselor

Sign up for a remind account to keep updated throughout the school year.  This will keep you informed of dates and deadlines for ACT Test Dates, Camps, Scholarships, and Other Important Events that come up this year.  I have shared the link below.  

Text:  @mmcfall
To:  81010
or @mmcfall to (901)881-9057

IT IS NOW TIME TO APPLY FOR PRIVATELY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS FROM THE SCHOOL OF YOUR CHOICE.  Be sure to check with your individual college and begin on the application.  This application may have essay type questions and can be lengthy.

Also if your student has not filed FAFSA then please help them do so.  We will have a representative come in again in a few weeks to check on those that still need help.

Financial Aid Toolkit

Senior Scholarship Opportunities

·         Elks Scholarship due November 15

·         Cooke College Scholarship for students that took the PSAT, deadline 11/20

·         James Cox Student Photography Scholarship

·         Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship

·         National Space Club Scholarship

·         Sixt Scholarship Program

·         HP Scholarship and SP Scholarship

·         Genius Loci Scholarship

·         Look Twice Save a Life Scholarship

·         Stephen J. Brady Scholarship

·         AXA Achievement Scholarship

·         Burger King Scholars Program

·         Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame scholarship deadline is Dec. 31st. 

·         Arkansas Chamber Singers announce a Vocal/Choral Scholarship

·         American Legion Scholarships are now available.

·         Seniors check your email about TasselTime login

·         License2HOWL Scholarship applications will be available Dec.2. The deadline is February 1.

·         ASU privately funded scholarship applications are now available.  Deadline is February 1.

·         Scholarship applications for the National Co-op Scholars are on the bookcase

·         US Senate Youth Program applications are available outside Mrs.McFall’s office.

·         AAUW Education Matters Scholarship

·         NHS scholarship applications are open. Deadline is December 7.